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Yes, pick up and drop service is included in the packages except for self-drive. We also provide Private Pickup & drop off that charges extra.
We use land cruisers for transportation as they prove best for the desert. Our transport services are well maintained and comfortable for families or couples even.
If you book a package given above with transportation included, you will be sharing the ride as it's for 7 people. But in the case, you need private transportation you can book a separate car. It's all designed for your convenience and your personalised needs so it's up to you what you choose.
No, there is no dress code. But for the sake of your comfort, we recommend you to wear loose and comfortable clothing. As you are going to be a part of the desert safari, cotton clothing or thick textures will remain comfy and save you in case of chilling. Most of the time deserts at night are a bit colder than in day time. We also recommend wearing slippers or sandals in place of shoes to ensure that no sand gets stuck in your shoes and bothers your feet. Avoid wearing heavy shoes as well. A hat or cap, bandana or scarf and sunglasses will also be good to carry to protect your mouth and eyes from getting sand.
Dune Bashing comes under the category of adventure sports. It is only suitable for the people who are ready to take up a rough ride in the sands. Thus, if you feel frightened, sick or fear an injury, it is recommended that you should indulge in other activities. There are many other activities that can give you an essence of the desert. Camel rides are a great alternative to take a walk in the desert while avoiding the bumpy dune bashing. *Pregnant women, heart patients or babies are not recommended to join.
The Dubai Desert Safari tour with Capture Desert is a 6 hours tour. You will be picked up from your location around 3:00 pm and will be dropped back by 9:00 pm.
Deserts are hot in day time whereas cold at night so instead of choosing a morning safari, mostly tourist prefer evening desert safari. Evening Desert Safari is more fun, peaceful, and calming with its cool breeze and fun activities.
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